DecoFlux is an international brand, the history of which began in 2005 – the lack of beautiful and high-quality products in Lithuania at that time led to the development of its own products. Creativity is still the foundation of DecoFlux. Unconventional creative solutions, constant reflection and the search for how to implement new ideas better are the mission and routine of the whole team. We want the DecoFlux brand to be discovered by more and more followers, so it is our job to make every effort to make you feel the positive energy we charge into each product. We try to make you feel the concern of DecoFlux by touching our products on a daily basis. This is the essence of DecoFlux.

About our products

Our customers sleep in bedding made of luxurious Egyptian cotton satin, washed cotton or linen. They also decorate the beds with authentic Decoflux design bedspreads, rugs, pillows. Our customers choose tables decorated with tablecloths from the Art collection. Their bathrooms have fluffy decoflux bathrobes and towels. Our customers can create – combine different products, combine their colors and designs

Wholesale trade

DecoFlux exports account for more than 80% of total sales, with total volumes increasing every year. Today, DecoFlux delivers products to more than 100 stores in more than 40 countries around the world.

About quality

Each of our designs is created with special attention to detail. When creating, we indulge in the imagination and every time we try to cross new – more perfect boundaries. At the same time, we fully enjoy the creative process. And the greatest pleasure is given by happy customers who appreciate and choose our works.