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Bedding textile products are classified as non-refundable. However, we value our customers and provide this opportunity under the following conditions:


• The returned item is unpacked and the original packaging is undamaged.

• The product has a manufacturing defect.

• The product must not be used.


If you fail to comply with the above terms, the product will be considered non-refundable.


The return of the product must be accompanied by information on the purchase: purchase receipt / invoice.


The purchased item can be returned within 14 business days. The customer pays for the returning delivery.


The returned item must be packed in a protective packaging – bag or box, and must bear an address:



28, Paupio Art., LT-11341, Vilnius


Once the item is returned, a team of experts will examine it and determine whether it meets any of the above conditions. If a conclusion is drawn that the goods have been returned without complying with the specified conditions, the money will not be returned for the goods. Otherwise, the money for the returned item will be transferred to your bank account within 7 working days.


The opportunity to get a defective item is extremely small because it is inspected carefully by 5 different quality experts before reaching the customer. However, in such a case, we invite you not to use the product and to inform us as soon as possible. In this case, we will exchange the goods at our own casts.


In case of a defect that appeared not under our supervision and will be determined to be made after receiving the product, the product will not be replaced or refunded.


If you wish, you can contact us directly for questions regarding returning item: +370 619 62447 or email: