Sateen Pillow Case Kaleidoscope Monochromia

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Kaleidoscope Monochromia is an ultra-luxurious, durable and soft 100% satin pillowcase.

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Introducing the Avant-Garde collection. This collection is a look at unexpected objects that have become sources of inspiration. Unexpected, metallic surfaces, waves of musical sounds, industrial details, all that is not normally typical of a sleeping environment. Suteikdami prabangaus žvilgesio ir suderindami “gimusių raštų” motyvus jaukinamės aplinką. We hope that our new collection will inspire you to look for unexpected shapes and inspiration in them.

Kaleidoscope is a free-style sketch composed by repeating a certain rhythm – improvisation reminiscent of childhood sentiments – a game with mirrors. The fine lines are laid out to create an indirect illusion and provoke the question of how aesthetics and art are perceived today. Unexpected and modern design will perfectly complement the quiet Scandinavian interior. Enjoy our 100% long-fiber combed cotton sateen bedding. The “easy care” standard has been applied in the fabric production process. The fabric is easy to iron, wrinkle resistant and does not fade for a long time. Composition: 100% cotton
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