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Each DecoFlux product is manufactured and developed in the very heart of Vilnius, in Paupis. Therefore, we can always make special bedding or sheets according to your requirements!

The unique service provided by DecoFlux will allow you to choose the design or color of special materials according to your requirements, or to adjust the dimensions to the sizes of standard DecoFlux products.

What is important to know before choosing an individual order?

– Size of bedding required (width and length);
– When choosing a sheet, it is important to know – the height, width, length of the mattress, whether you want a sheet with or without rubber;
– The material, color and design of the desired products;
– Individual orders cannot be returned, as they are sewn specifically for you, according to the exact dimensions provided by you;
– We can embroider your chosen initials. Embroidery price up to 3 letters or symbols – 10 Eur.
– The price of individual orders is slightly higher than the usual DecoFlux products on sale.
Contact us by e-mail for individual orders or call +370 64064006
You can find the full range of DecoFlux here:

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Egyptian long-fiber combed cotton satin (silk softness and light), stone-washed combed cotton perkal (peach peel effect – cozy touch), stone-washed linen (soft and anti-allergic).

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Choose your favorite design from more than 40 of our available options.

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