EMKO Naïve Chair

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EMKO Naive chairs, production terminal – 20d.d

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EMKO is a meeting of young creators. A young and full of energy company defined by a passion to create, demonstrate and realize the latest trends in modern design … We turn wood into furniture, textiles into rugs and carpets, metal and glass into lighting objects. Our time, knowledge and feelings are focused on creating beautiful things. We create for tomorrow today
EMKO is committed to providing the world with items that can build a long-term relationship with you. These are simple, smart and fun products to become a member of your family. They are reliable and friendly, inspiring the movement forward, and remain unchanged for a long time. Companions of your life stories.

EMKO is a Lithuanian company that creates modern design furniture and other home interior elements. Their roots stem from an ancient tradition of Baltic craftsmanship at the crossroads of three different cultures: northern Scandinavia, western Europe, and eastern Russia. We are open and look forward to talented designers from all over the world.




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tel.: +370 652 49945, e-mail:mes@decoflux.com

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…PPC „Akropolis“, third entrance, Taikos ave. 61, Klaipėda 91182 (I-VII 10-21),
tel.: +370 686 16001, e-mail: klaipeda @decoflux.com

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