About us

In the most bohemian part of Vilnius – Uzupis – many artistic ideas are born every day that turn into works and things precious to people.

DecoFlux Home, a textile house with a unique design, is also located in this area – a creative workshop that pays endless attention to detail, color combinations, materials and every stitch to create authentic textiles that envelop people with romantic energy and decorate their homes.

Our unique textile patterns, inspired by travels around the world, time periods, nature or just pure feeling, are already recognizable thanks to the aura of Uzupis that vibrates with art.


Ilona Aladaitytė the Founder of DecoFlux Home

“After all, luxury lies in the details.

Art, innovation and attention to detail are paramount in creative work. The art is reflected in the exclusive designs of DecoFlux Home works, when unique ideas and patterns are discovered in communication with artists. 

Innovation goes hand in hand with the constant search for the best materials, the most productive production processes and sustainability.
And, of course, exclusive accents and a sense of luxury are born only when attention is paid to every detail.” – says the Founder.

We believe in

Unique textile designs with motifs from the artists’ work that arise from every day events, nature and community we live in. 

We collaborate with local artists to find new and innovative textile design ideas to bring more comfort and imagination to your home, so you feel at your best when wrapped in our products.

Subtle luxury with shiny metallic elements inspired by the Earth and minerals that surround us. The natural glow of cotton sateen fabrics used in our products break and reflect the light differently to normal cotton. 100% only natural. They provide every home owner a chance to create new refined home interiors that both feel modern and timeless. 

We love pattern fabrics ourselves. However, we understand that is not for everyone – you will find a wide sellection of solid colours to choose from as well.

Different sizes, age and shapes. You will find we have a selection of bed linen, bathrobes, sleepwear of different sizes. However, if you cannot find your size, do not hesitate to place an individual order, we will be happy to fulfill. 

Customisation – your desired initials and other symbols are embedded on our products to personalise – great for gifts.

Housewarming, bridal parties, baby showers, birthdays, weddings or anniversaries.

Write us at sales@decoflux.com

Art and Us

Art can come from paintings, music, dance to name only few.

We include artist designs that we print on fabrics. We invite dancers and musicians to collaborate to remind us we can also create in our day-to-day life. 


We guarantee quality, our products are:


The EASY-CARE standard has been applied in the fabric production process. The fabric is easy to iron and also wrinkle resistant.


Certified by OEKO-TEX 100 ecological stand


Thanks to the unique STONE WASHED technology, the products become even softer with every wear or wash.

Here you will find

Our stores


PLC PANORAMA (Saltoniškių st. 9, +370 619 62447)

OLD TOWN BUTIQUE (Mėsinių st. 9, +370 652 49945).


Shopping Center AKROPOLIS (Karaliaus Mindaugo ave. 49, +370 602 23901).


DecoFlux exports account for more than 80% of total sales. The total sales are increasing every year. Today, DecoFlux delivers products to more than 100 stores in more than 40 countries around the world.

To explore partnership possibilities, contact us at sales@decoflux.com